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Month: July, 2012

Hair: Roots

Let me tell you ’bout my hair; It’s about yaay long and hasn’t been cut (no joke) for over 6 years. I’t’s been dyed almost every color of the rainbow and have gone from black to blonde and back again at least three times. Currently, I bleach only my roots and only every two months or so. Still, my hair breaks and fries and I have absolutely no control over it because it just continues to break off.

The only solution (of course) is to let it grow and not touch it for a long, long while. However, I’m miss antsy pants and have a difficult time looking the same for more than a few months and I absolutely hate when people make comments about how long my roots are. But, I know that eventually, I will have to deal with it and take the time to grow some roots. So, I thought, why not now? I know that as I write this, even I don’t believe that I will stick to it, but at least I’m putting it out there for some outside input, tips and support.  I have about an inch or roots right now and am already losing my mind.



Here are some more  scenic photographs from my road trip.

Rocky Arizona
Entering Utah
Hurricane, Utah
Southern Utah Jeep Tour
Utah Fire Remnants
Utah Hills

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  • This post from Emily called “Here we see a blogger in her natural habitat,” is all so true. Worth a lol.
  • This one is hyper-local, but did you know the Toronto Burlesque Festival is this weekend?! Also, if you aren’t in TO, it’s streaming! If you are in TO, you should check out Burlesque U; I’m so temped to take a class!

  • If you haven’t heard the first two songs released by Stars from their upcoming album, The North, get on it. They’re both so different and both so incredible. In fact, they’re on repeat right now.
  • Wise words from Brian Moloko of Placebo. These fit nicely with that Rabbit White article I posted a while back.
  • The One Year Wardrobe Project by J.D.Roth is a great idea for weeding out the neglected clothing in your closet and getting rid of it once and for all! He also gives great tips for why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.
  • The movie I can’t wait to see? Excision.

Pauline wishes that reconnecting with her mother was as easy as picking scabs. Or that fixing her sisters lung disorder was as simple as dissecting road kill. Maybe the other girls at school would be nicer to her if they knew she fantasized about performing surgery on them…

     Need I say more?


Since you last heard from me, I’ve fled the country… temporarily. At the start of July, my boyfriend and I set off on a roadtrip across the United States with destination Toronto, Ontario as the main goal. We broke down in Hurricane Utah for far longer than I’d like which dampened our trip a bit, but we still managed to have an adventure.