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Month: October, 2011

Warm Me Up

Asos Faux Fox Fur Coat
So good.

Asos Leather Leopard Biker Jacket 
This may be the jacket of my dreams.


Fall 2011 Shoe Lust A-B

Visual Stimulation

images from: Tumblr & The Selby

The Digital, Fashionable Life of Generation Y

image from: Tumblr

We are the internet generation. We are the first of our kind. Prior to now, people would communicate via telephone, buy movie tickets at the box office and develop photos at WalMart. But the internet age is not just a more convenient way of living; it’s an entirely new way to experience life.

image from: Tumblr

But how can you live when you’re logged-on 24-7? How can you be social? Well, sadly, for our generation I think we owe a lot to the internet famewhores because they paved the way for a whole new type of interaction. Never before could you simultaneously talk to a friend in Australia, the U.K. and Russia all at once. Most people didn’t even have friends outside their city let alone country. But thanks to the chat room sensation of the 90’s and the Myspace friend competitions of the 2000’s, common interest has brought us together and opened anyone and everyone up to making friends anywhere. Now I could discuss the pros and cons of the antisocial life that comes from having mostly friends (and a relationship)  in other countries, but I’m diverting from the point of this post entirely.

image from: Tumblr

Back on track. The internet age of convenience means many people have turned to online shopping for most of their necessities. People don’t even have to go to the store for groceries anymore, and God forbid people buy their naughty toys from anywhere public now. Now, even clothing shopping, which used to take hours of mall hopping, has become a breeze. I’ve become a wiz at knowing whether to order a size up or down solely judging by how a top fits a model on a webstore. Going to the mall is now a flood of social anxiety and quite overwhelming when I can’t just walk in a store and plug in a search term for the outfit I’m looking for. The only stores I regularly visit, thrift shops, are now even moving online with sites like Ebay and Etsy.

image from: Fashion Editorials

Reading up on the latest fashion trends used to mean going to the store and scouring the shelves for the latest issue of Vogue. Now, most editorials from all over the world are readily available online, without the regular wading-through-ads associated with reading a magazine, and without the shipping costs of acquiring an Italian Vogue in San Diego. To find the latest fads, most magazines are looking to the web, to fashion bloggers and online lookbooks where regular people are now becoming the latest trendsetters.

image from: Tumblr

Which all leads me to wonder, what’s next? Will we soon be trying on clothing via hologram? How will our children interact with fashion? What do you think the future holds for anything I’ve just talked about? I’d love to get some opinions!

Money, Success, Fame, Glamour & the Return of the Club Kids

images from tumblr.com

The days of owl-loving  burlap sack hipster fashion are rapidly becoming a thing of the past; a new area of re-invention is upon us. The club kids are back and taking the internet by storm. These neon-haired teens and twenty-somethings are a goth hybrid adorned with neon accessories and an obsession with aliens and becoming inhuman. They’re harajuku girls on acid; a twisted homage to Michael Alig and the famewhoring glamour kids of the eighties.  But these arent the “sleep all day party all night” drug fiend children reincarnate. These kids are moguls, marketing geniuses; they own their own companies and are taking control of their lives. This may be my first mention of this rebirth, but it definitely wont be my last; I’ve become obsessed with this new genre of thought and style.

For some great club kid inspiration, check out these tumblrs: