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Month: January, 2012

Break Out Your Mood Rings – The 90s Are Back

Maybe nobody will be wearing overly-baggy jeans and wallet chains just yet, but for the last few seasons, 1990’s-inspired fashion has slowly crept back onto the scene.

It was first visible with Chanel’s notorious “clogs” Spring 2010 runway show which glorified the Clueless-esque clogs and floral print. But now, 90’s style is even more prevalent in today’s outfit choices:

Oh my crushed velvet! I blame the club kids. Fanny packs, grunge color pallets, “mom jeans”, light denim, combat boots, unatural hair dye, crop tops and 90s band tees are all making their way back into our closets.

Would you dare to flaunt these throwback platforms? Moonspoon Saloon makes the most incredible 90’s-esque stompers.

Confession: I’m dying to bring back the 90’s baseball cap trend. What about you?



images via: etsy, flickr & tumblr 


Normally I refrain from blogging my face a ton, but I had to make a post about my 21st birthday which falls on New Years Eve. I decided to go big and my bf Evan and I headed to NYC to celebrate in Time’s Square. I found this great place, called Times Scare, to spend our night. The best part: I got to go through a haunted house and hang out in a creepy awesome venue, on New Year’s!

For my presents, my amazing bf bought me my dream dress (along with the Jeffrey Campbell Stevie’s & Bonadrag Lace Flares in Purple <3)! I couldn’t be more exited. For the night I wore my All Saints Nightingale Melody Dress with a pair of Guess heels that matched beautifully.

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