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I have been severely lacking in inspiration lately for one reason: all I can think and dream about is platform shoes! I’m talking 90’s style Buffalo Shoes. Lace-up sneakers with sky-high platforms–I want them all! I remember in the 90’s I owned three pairs of Volatile sneakers that I wore everywhere. I severely regret the day I let those go.


But now I’ve got my sights set on the highly coveted Moonspoon Saloon x Buffalo Shoes platforms, and I’m not sure I can let these get away. I’ll need to up my game and sell a lot of phone cases on etsy for these babies (or just get a loan; they give loans for shoes, right?), because I feel like I’ll be restless until a pair of these is on my feet.

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One day, I will own a creepy vintage shop.


Rarely am I one who falls in love with an item of clothing (save for the most gorgeous leather jacket which I’m gifting to myself this X-mas) or a piece of jewelry, but these are the (within my budget-ish) pieces that have haunted my mind for years. One day, I hope to be in possession of them all, before they go extinct. Treat this as a “desperately seeking” ad.

All Saints Nightingale Melody Dress
It’s so many of my favorites combined into one: the stripes, the color olive, the leather, the suspenders, the buttons, the draping and the overall steampunk vibe makes me a sucker for this dress.

All Saints Bozena Crop Pant
Maybe it’s the lace-up back, maybe it’s the drop crotch, maybe it’s the button fly or maybe it’s the natural ecru color that draws me to these pants. Maybe they just have some mystical charm all their own, but I can never seem to get over my love for these beauties. Sadly, they are a dying breed, but I have hope yet All Saints Archive.

All Saints Jolanta Long Waistcoat
This vest is perfect for a steampunk invasion, a ringmaster uprising or for acclimating to the post-apocalyptic world. Need I say more? This is another piece I’ll be praying to the archives for.

Waylaid Bare Ribs Necklace
This was in my Urban Outfitters shopping cart for well over a year. Major (un?)buyer’s remorse for this gorgeous piece.

With Hearts in My Eyes Lace Flare Pants
Sure I can rationalize hundreds of dollars worth of high heels that I never wear, but for some reason  I can never rationalize buying these. They would be perfect for San Diego summer, which lasts through most of the year. One day, they will be mine.

Warm Me Up

Asos Faux Fox Fur Coat
So good.

Asos Leather Leopard Biker Jacket 
This may be the jacket of my dreams.